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New Drug Discovery Research

  • AI based drug design - Multitargeting approaches 

  • Novel Targets: Precision Medicine and Recalcitrant Diseases

  • Unmet Medical Needs

  • Chronic Diseases Patho-mechanisms

    • ​Cellular /Genomic / Proteomic signatures Vs endotypes, biomarkers, Patient Stratification

  • Novel Targets in Chronic diseases in Respiratory, Dermatological, Pain and Metabolic disease areas. Oral and Topical Interventional approaches

  • NCE Discovery Projects

Insights on Target Relevant Key preclinical studies, Miscellaneous Preclinical POC Milestones and Go/NO Go Decisions for project FAST TRACKING 

  • Scientific and competitive assessment of selected target within a TA

  • Preclinical POCs, cross functional goal and milestone setting, data driven decision gates 

  • Early risk identification and risk mitigation study plans

  • Road map and blue print criteria for timely IND lead nomination

  • Data driven decision gates for project de-prioritization or exit

  • Clinical Research: Key forward translational assays for specific mechanism of action translational biomarkers, patient stratification

  • Technical Consultation on NCE Discovery Project Operational Value Chain

Target Selection

In Vitro POC

Animal POC

Translation POC

IND Candidate

  • In House

  • CRO Selection

  • Cell Free Assay

  • Cellular Assay

  • Tissues Assay

  • Whole Blood Assay

  • MISC,Species

  • CRO Selection

  • Translatable Disease model in small and large animals

  • Model Validation and Studies

  • CRO Selection

  • Patient Tissue

  • Bio Markers 

  • Proteomic and Genomic Signature

  • CRO Selection

  • Early human studies in relation target Biology

  • Building and developing Drug Discovery Research Set-ups: 

    • ​Establishment of Discovery Biology Labs: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Mammalian Cell Culture, ex vivo animal / human / patient Organ / Tissue studies, Automated Screening, Animal Disease Models, Mechanistic Safety Studies

    • Develop / Review disease area and research strategies

  • Research Collaborations and External Advisor Inputs.

    • ​Have extensive network of renowned Drug Discovery, Preclinical, Translational and academic experts in Respiratory, Dermatology and Chronic Inflammatory disease areas

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