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Founder & President
Dr. Neelima Khairatkar Joshi
  • Leader in Innovative Therapeutics Research with 30 years of experience in multinational pharma

  • Well oriented to dynamics of global New Drug Discovery approaches, strategies and space in Novel Medical Entity (NME) research on various platforms of NCEs, NBEs, Cellular / Immune / Gene / mRNA therapeutics ((505(b)(1)), differentiated branded specialty products (505(b)(2)), drug repurposing for chronic diseases and consumer products for Health and Wellness.

  • Key contributor in advancing eight NCE molecules into clinical development, several first in class and out-licensed to pharma MNCs and in successful commercial launch of novel branded fixed dose combination nasal spray in multiple geographies.

  • Inventor on 92 published world patents (PCTs), over 50 international presentations and about 30 peer reviewed publications / book chapters.




NYU Lagone Health, New York, USA


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Our Clients ​​
Clients Testimonials
  • Exemplary expertise in Innovative Target Assessment.

  • Thorough, Deepest-Dived Scientific Evaluations of Therapy Areas and Global Competitive Targets & Molecules Pipeline.

  • Comprehensive project mapping, Professional interactions and timely delivery.


“Promethean” relates to the demigod Prometheus who symbolizes innovation, creating new things or doing things differently with willingness to take risks.

Innovative therapeutic approaches are constantly needed but they do come with a risk and not guaranteed for success. Thorough scientific assessment prior to embarking on them and committing huge resources is crucial

Unburden your Niche, Scientific Deep Dive needs in Innovative Therapeutic Research on us.  We can deliver Speedy, High Quality, Deepest Dived and Curetted scientific evaluations through comprehensive reports, competitive intelligence tracking and SWOT analysis in wide range of therapy areas including Oncology, Immuno-oncology, Dermatology, Respiratory, Neuro-degenerative, Auto-immune and Cardio-Metabolic Diseases as below.

High quality scientific, strategic and technical consultation on preclinical research 
  • Novel Multi-targeting ideas for Recalcitrant, Immune Driven and other Chronic Diseases, special coverage on AI based drug design opportunities

  • Novel First-in-class and Best-in-class targets: Active target pipeline space, concepts, mechanisms, SWOT analysis

  • Global competitive landscape of Small and Large Molecules, Cellular, Genetic and mRNA therapies, opportunities for differentiation, in-licensing and out-licensing

  • Chronic Diseases: Unmet Medical Needs, Endotypes, Patient Stratification, Biomarkers - preclinical-clinical nexus, ex vivo translational assays  

  • Preclinical NCE Research Roadmap: From Target to IND Lead, Technical consultation on key in vitro assays, clinically predictable animal models and specialized ex vivo patient tissue assays

  • Innovative Branded Molecules 505(b)(2) / Drug Repurposing – Novel Mono / Combination Product Assessment. In-licensing of assets with novel mechanism of action.

  • Microbiome based consumer products for Health and Wellness

  • AVAILABLE WITH US: Top 40, Small Molecule Immuno-oncology Target Report: Detailed Target Biology, Mechanism of Action, Biomarker based Patient Stratification and Competitive Pipeline.

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